Independent Publishing: Professional Content Provider and Home of Talented Authors

Independent Publishing is the first name that comes to mind when there is a need for quality SEO content in the main European languages. Internet businesses that require unique content for their websites, blogs or online shops can tap into our pool of talented authors and make use of their excellent services. We are an independent online team of editors seeking to create professionally written content that meets the standards of readers, customers and search engines alike.

Customised content

  • Unique content that boosts online visibility and Google ranking
  • One source for high-quality texts in as many as five different languages
  • Unlimited choice of writing styles and topics
  • In-depth quality control and adherence to common editorial standards
  • Checks for plagiarism and proficient editorial service
  • Full editorial service for a speedy and efficient work process
  • Fast processing of orders through our user-friendly interface
  • Smooth transfer of large volumes of text via our export interface and API
  • Fair prices and full cost transparency
  • Friendly customer support (including personal assistance)

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Get your words out there

  • Attractive income
  • Legitimate spare-time work with a flexible schedule
  • Freelance writing from home
  • Fair payment with the opportunity to increase the income
  • A transparent evaluation system with prospects of quick advancement
  • Reliable bi-weekly payment
  • Profitable commissions for individuals or groups
  • A great variety of subjects covering many areas of interest
  • Helpful editorial support and feedback
  • Turn your hobby into an additional source of income

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